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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How NOT to mount a Projector

My biggest annoyance in my job is having to correct other peoples/company's mistakes!!! Especially when there is clearly no need for it. I went out to a small primary school to replace a projector and straight away the alarm bells were ringing. I noticed straight away the suspended ceiling was bowed in along 5 tiles. Upon closer inspection I noticed this.....

This mount is sat on a piece of MDF on top of the ceiling tile. If you look at the bottom right hand side of the picture you can clearly see where the ceiling matrix has started to buckle. The only thing preventing the entire mount from falling down was a security wire attached to a girder above the ceiling.......

The picture on the right hand side is how it should be done. Two 40mm x 40mm boxed channel rails secured to girders and then using zebedee's and M6 bolts you secure the mounting plate and work your way down. Its not rocket science. Forty minutes work and its secured correctly and looks a whole lot better then Mr Bodge it and leg It's attempt does!!!